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Sanna Kannisto’s solo exhibition, Observing Eye, on view at Helsinki Contemporary from April 5 to may 5, 2019, consists of photographic and video works created over the last three years. Kannisto’s trademark bird pictures are now accompanied by video works and photograph collages that shed new light on the background to her working process and, for example, on ecological issues.

Kannisto’s artistic approach is typified by the method she uses to separate the animal from its original context by constructing the shooting situation in a field studio and thus setting up the subject of the shoot for inspection in an artificial environment. Observation is central to the process and to the final works: Kannisto actively studies the bird and the bird simultaneously looks back. This interaction is repeated in the exhibition space, where the works bring viewers unusually close to birds that we perhaps ordinarily only hear through a distant song.

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Olli Piippo’s solo exhibition Eight Notes on Oceanic Feeling will be held in Helsinki Contemporary on 4–27 May.

His new works approach the so-called oceanic feeling, which has been described as unity with the universe, and experiences of it through painting. A series of large, dark-coloured paintings bearing the name of the exhibition Eight Notes on Oceanic Feeling have been made with graphite on a black background.
“Rendered through the painting process, Oceanic Feeling is a moving state, a feeling that a wave is rolling over you, or merging into the background. In the same way the painting is either losing its form or the form is just rising to the surface.”
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Artist Miikka Vaskola's solo exhibition Beyond at Helsinki Contemporary 9 Feb–4 March 2018.

Vaskola’s art questions the way that images are viewed and considers ways of depicting people more diversely through painting. The portrait series 'Oneself as Another' presents of the subject more than catches the eye. The nocturnal landscape paintings in the series 'Night Sky' reflect the inevitable inaccessibility of the sky. The paintings present everything and nothing at the same time, leading the viewer near and far.

"Perhaps I am trying to paint the answer,” Vaskola says.

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Maiju Salmenkivi working on the installation piece for Happy Garden, solo exhibition on display at Helsinki Contemporary 3 November – 3 December, 2017.

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Marcus Eek talks about the new direction in his painting. The exhibition Tapetenwechsel is now on display in Helsinki Contemporary.

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Eeva-Riitta Eerola talks about her artistic work and the exhibition Senses of the Other at Helsinki Contemporary.
Kati Immonen kertoo työskentelystään, sekä tulevasta Flora-näyttelystään Helsinki Contemporarylla.

Kati Immonen talks about her work and her upcoming exhibition Flora.
Jukka Rusasen näyttely Setting avoinna Bulevardi 10:ssä 13.1.–5.2. sekä verkkogalleriassa 13.1.alkaen.

Jukka Rusanen’s exhibition Setting runs 13 Jan – 5 Feb at Bulevardi 10, Helsinki and in the web gallery from 13 Jan on.
Heidi Lampenius kertoo työskentelystään sekä Supernatural-näyttelystään. Näyttely on avoinna Helsinki Contemporaryssa 18.12. asti. Lue lisää:

Heidi Lampenius talks about her work and exhibition Supernatural. The exhbiition is open until 18 Dec in Helsinki Contemporary. Read more:
Ville Löppönen kertoo työskentelystään. Rukouksia näyttely on esillä Helsinki Contemporaryssa 28.10.–20.11.2016.

Ville Löppönen shares some thoughts about his work (in Finnish). His exhibition Contemplation is on display at Helsinki Contemporary 28 Oct through 20 Nov 2016.
Have you ever thought how a work of art in an exhibition feels when you view it?
Jukka Korkeila's new exhibition Sans Souci at Helsinki Contemporary.

More about the exhibition:
Jukka Korkeila:
Lukas Göthman tells about his work in an interview made in connection to the Guilty Pleasure duo exhibition with Olli Piippo at Helsinki Contemporary 5.–28.8.2016.
Emma Ainala kertoo näyttelystään Sensual World, joka on esillä Helsinki Contemporaryssa 8.4.–30.4.2016.

Emma Ainala talks about her exhibition Sensual World at Helsinki Contemporary April 8–30, 2016.
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The easiest way to discover art at home. View art digitally on your own wall. Get ARTAP by Helsinki Contemporary. For furher information, visit:
Henry Wuorila-Stenberg kertoo uudesta näyttelystään Helsinki Contemporaryssa.
Janne Räisänen kertoo työskentelystään ja teoksista näyttelyssään ’Käy peremmälle. Ota vaatteet pois.’ Näyttely on avoinna Helsinki Contemporaryssa 8.—31.1.2016.

Janne Räisänen talks about his artistic practice and works included in the exhibition ’Käy peremmälle. Ota vaatteet pois.’ The exhibition is open 8th—31st of Jan 2016 at Helsinki Contemporary.
Miikka Vaskola kertoo työskentelystään uuden näyttelynsä Remembering Forwards parissa. Näyttely on avoinna Helsinki Contemporaryssa 30.10.–22.11.2015.
Kävimme tutustumassa Sanna Kanniston työskentelyyn Hangon lintuasemalla. Kanniston näyttely Local Vernacular on esillä gallerialla 2.10.-25.10.2015. Videotuotanto: Ilkka Rautio / Tarasow Films Oy.

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Hannaleena Heiska making a wallpainting at Helsinki Contemporary for her new exhibition Shadows and Stardust.